Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (How do I do this thing?) J. Israel Greene Destiny Awakening Interviews 22

May 26, 2021

Why you've got to check out today's episode:

  • Discover how to start those 'difficult' conversations...
  • Learn the challenges of DE&I initiatives and how to overcome them...
  • Find out how diversity fosters vital innovation in your organization....


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Feel like your company is slipping through your fingers? Can't retain good employees? Client satisfaction going down?

Learn how to transform your company's culture and create a dynamic, thriving workplace...

Today's guest, J. Israel Greene, is the founder and CEO of Greene Consulting Group with 20 plus years leadership experience spanning startups to Fortune 500 Companies.

Israel is ranked one of the top 10 trending Diversity, Equity and Inclusion experts by All American Entertainment. He's presented his VET Diversity Framework to leadership conferences across the US. As well as to companies such as Whirlpool, Northwestern Mutual, The Chicago Public Schools, and many more

In today's episode, Israel unpacks the topic "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. How do I do this thing?"

Check out these episode highlights:

  • 02:27– Israel ’s ideal client: “My ideal clients are organizations and leaders that are attempting to transform their company culture.…
  • 03:09 – His client's biggest challenge: “I think for me that the biggest challenge that I'm finding specific to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion component is "Confusion" in a word...”
  • 05:12– Israel ’s #1 insight to help you: "What I found is often times, the most important things are often those things that are not said, as opposed to the things that are said...."
  • 07:08– What concept, book, program, or talk impacted you the most: "The two pieces had a huge influence on me are Everyone Communicates, Few Connect and The Five Levels of Leadership. Both of which are John Maxwell Programs...."
  • 07:40– Israel ’s valuable free resource: "The biggest resource that I love to share is a three step guide to kick off courageous conversations. And it's on my website..."
  • 08:48 – Israel ’s last thoughts: "I believe that we have a responsibility and I call it social leadership. That once we get to a point in life, we have an obligation to reach back and give a hand...."


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 Narrator  0:00  
Welcome to the Destiny Awakening Interviews, a podcast with Andrew Wayfinder and his guests, bringing you powerful insights, inspiration and ways to break free, live life your way and make a difference in our changing and challenging world.

Andrew Hryniewicz  0:17  
So hello, everyone and a very warm welcome to another edition of the Destiny Awakening Interviews.

I'm Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz and I'm joined today by J Israel Greene, leadership speaker, teacher, and John Maxwell certified coach.

A very warm welcome to you Israel. And where are you hanging out tonight?

J. Israel Greene  0:34  
Thank you. I am actually based out of Chicago, just here waiting for the spring to come.

Andrew Hryniewicz  0:39  
Okay, so how many degrees below zero is it? Or are you above zero now?

J. Israel Greene  0:44  
Actually, this has been a great week. I think today we've got about 45 degrees. So we're doing pretty good.

Andrew Hryniewicz  0:50  
Positively balmy.

Okay, so let's get into your your story. So J. Israel Greene is the Founder and CEO of the Greene Consulting Group at israelgreene.com.

With 20 plus years leadership experience, spanning startups to Fortune 500 companies, Israel is ranked one of the top 10 trending Diversity, Equity and Inclusion experts by "All American Entertainment."

And he's presented his V.E.T. Diversity Framework to leadership conferences across the US, as well as to companies such as Whirlpool, Northwestern Mutual, Chicago Public Schools, and many more.

In addition to his work on Leadership Development, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy for Tech and other Industries, Israel has also founded and is the Artistic Director of the award winning Theatre Company, Green Tree productions.

He consults with the Envisioning Equity and World without Suicide Organizations, and is writing a book called "Forgotten Sons: 40 Steps to Success".

And somewhere in there he sleeps.

So thank you, Israel for your time today. And our topic today is "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How do I do this thing?" And Israel is going to unpack that topic in six questions.

So Your time starts now. The first question is, who is your ideal client? And what is the transformation this work helps them achieve?

Yeah, so my ideal client, my audience, I would say are organizations that are, and or leaders that are attempting to transform their company culture.

J. Israel Greene  2:37  
And we help them to do so through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy and or Intervention, you know, where they are in their journey, and leadership development.

From a coaching perspective, we deal a great deal with emerging leaders, those leaders that are trying to make a transition from peer to boss, and struggling to, really kind of, get their point across and just be an effective leader coming from that peer group.

Andrew Hryniewicz  3:03  
So question number two, it's perfect segue: what's the biggest challenge they're facing as they make that that jump?

I think for me that the biggest challenge that I'm finding specific to the "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion" component is "Confusion", in a word.

J. Israel Greene  3:23  
And I know that's pretty nebulous, but I'll try to boil it down a little bit more, but wanting to do something and confused about where to begin, how to start those difficult conversations, not knowing what to say how to say it.

So they always don't know how to navigate through that piece of it. The other piece, I think, is confusion around what antiracism actually is, as it relates to in the business sector.

And they oftentimes will say, "you know what, we don't want to make a political statement." So they look at DE&I as a political statement, which it isn't.

The third thing is, getting the executive commitment and the sponsorship buy in for a program and a strategy. And then understanding the many benefits that come from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work in their company.

I think those are the really the big pieces of the "Confusion Component".

Andrew Hryniewicz  4:16  
Okay, well, actually, I think that ties in nicely with number three. So what's your number one insight you would share to help them right now?

And I think in particular, what's jumping out at me is, what are the benefits of adopting these strategies, and and this mindset?

Andrew, I think you're spot on, taking the time to understand what a DE&I program can do for your organization.

J. Israel Greene  4:44  
Ranging from innovation to increasing talent pool, the commitment to the organization from your employees, overall performance and everything that starts with being courageous enough to begin that conversation.

If you don't know how and what to say? And people are just terrified, I may offend someone or what if I say the wrong things... Hire a facilitator to come in and help you navigate that, that through that piece of it.

Because what I found is oftentimes, the most important things are often those things that are not said, as opposed to the things that are said.

Andrew Hryniewicz  5:22  
That actually reminds me on Rory Sutherland, kind of, he's a madman here, you know, advertising guy, a movie solid. But he's really into into psychology.

And he made a comment recently that, if you want to increase diversity in organization, one of the simplest ways to do it, is to interview and hire people in groups. Because when you do it one to one, you tend to hire people who look and sound like you.

J. Israel Greene  5:49  
Yeah, 100%. I mean, and that's the antithesis of Innovation. You know, we surround ourselves with people that walk like, talk like, sound like us.

And what we end up is a company of "Yes People", that what I call "The Bobbing Head Syndrome", and they're just "Yep, yep, yep."

And you're not challenging the thought process, you're not understanding what your audience that you're selling to. So all of a sudden, you've got a law that looks exactly like you.

Andrew Hryniewicz  6:20  
So question number four, what concept, book, program, talk or experience has been most impactful in your development?

J. Israel Greene  6:32  
For me, I think two that come to mind, one is implementing Framework and Systems.

So earlier, you mentioned the VET framework, or the V.E.T. framework, I'm all about implementing systems, and it possibly comes from my Lean Six Sigma background.

But I believe in, if you can put a system in place, it doesn't guarantee success, but it does increase the likelihood of being successful. So that's one thing.

The other two pieces, I think, that have really had a huge influence on me, because every time I facilitate these workshops in organizations, I make additional discoveries about myself.

And those are, everyone Communicates, few Connect, and the five levels of leadership. Both of which are John Maxwell programs.

And we take these into companies, and it's a great starting point for organizations to be able to connect with their people, and move them and increase their influence with those individuals.

Andrew Hryniewicz  7:27  
Okay, great.

Question number five, this would tie into that, what free resource would you like to share with the audience that will help them, you know, get access to some of these ideas in some of these systems?

Yeah, for me, I think everything begins with a conversation and understanding where people are.

J. Israel Greene  7:47  
And the biggest resource that I love to share is a three step guide to kick off courageous conversations. And it's based, it's on my website.

So if they go there, it's gonna be a pop up that comes in. And it's gonna ask for their email address, but it gives them some very tangible steps to be able to have those conversations with individuals that can spark some level of curiosity.

And hopefully kind of bridge that gap from where they are to where they're trying to get to.

Andrew Hryniewicz  8:16  
Okay, great. So the URL is israelgreene.com (with an e .com). Go there and fill in the pop up. Perfect.

So the last question, what should I have asked you that I didn't.

J. Israel Greene  8:32  
Possibly what my philosophy is, about "Life", or my "Why". And I know you probably get that a lot. But for me, my philosophy is just just be a good human.

I know it sounds very basic and Elementary. But I believe that, we have a responsibility and I call it "Social Leadership". That once we get to a point in life, we have an obligation to reach back and give a hand.

And my work around leadership development, be it in the community with the Youth or  Organizations. Every time I do something with it, I make additional discoveries about myself. And I feel obligated to be the voice for those that can't be heard.

And that's,  a portion of my Production Company, is I love sharing these stories for those less served, and whose voices aren't as loud as ours, that may have an audience such as this.

Andrew Hryniewicz  9:26  
Beautiful vision.

J. Israel Greene  9:28  
And I'm a firm believer that, when you find your "Why" you'll find your way...

And if you take the time to just dig in and sit with yourself and I think the pandemic is allowing people to do this because it's never been so quiet for individuals and it's allowing them to be able to find what their "Why" is...

And people are navigating they're leaving companies and starting their own passion and purpose and that's the beauty of this thing. You know, the silver lining so to speak.

Andrew Hryniewicz  9:57  
Yeah. The the great global rethink...

J. Israel Greene  10:00  

Andrew Hryniewicz  10:02  

That's a great title by the way.

So that's perfect as well. Thank you so much for your time.

J. Israel Greene  10:09  
Thank you.

Narrator  10:11  
Thanks for listening to the Destiny Awakening Interviews. If you have a friend who would benefit, please share, and subscribe to the show on iTunes and leave a review. We really appreciate it. And remember, always use your power for good

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